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Huawei Intelligent Cloud-Network, à la pointe de l’innovation numérique

BANGKOK, 22 septembre 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei a dévoilé les capacités améliorées de sa solution Intelligent Cloud-Network lors du sommet « Intelligent Cloud-Network, Leading Digital Innovation » (à la pointe de l’innovation numérique), qui s’est tenu à Bangkok dans le cadre de l’événement HUAWEI CONNECT 2022. Ces capacités concernent trois principaux scénarios, CloudFabric, CloudWAN et CloudCampus, et ont été créées […]


Partnerships key to protecting rhino population

South Africa has demonstrated its commitment to protect the black and white rhino populations through partnerships that have resulted in species conservation over the years. “At present, the private sector is conserving about 60% of South Africa’s national herd. Therefore, government takes building partnerships and relationships of utmost importance in the conservation of this iconic […]


Law Enforcement seizes over 100 vehicles for illegal dumping

Illegal dumping continues to be a concern – the City’s Law Enforcement Department impounded more than 100 vehicles in the last 14 months, used to discard waste illegally. As part of the #SpringCleanCT campaign, the City has launched a 24-hour toll-free hotline for tip-offs about illegal dumping and other by-law infringements. For every fine and […]