25 Year old arrested for suspected stolen property and drugs, Kwazakele

Drugs and stolen property are focus areas during this festive season for SAPS. The role which drugs play in the committing of other crimes, as well as the property related crimes such as armed robbery and house robbery has forced SAPS to focus on these illegal items and the movement thereof during the festive season.

Early this morning at 01:00, SAPS Flying Squad members were following up information at a house in Salamntu Street, Kwazakele and discovered a 25-year-old male suspect in possession of over 120 zolls and bompies dagga, as well as 32 cartons of cigarettes. It is suspected that the cigarettes might have been part of the loot of recent robberies at spaza shops in the Motherwell Cluster area. The 25 year old suspect will be appearing before the New Brighton Magistrates Court tomorrow, 8 December 2017, on charges of illegal possession of drugs and the possession of suspected stolen goods.

Source: South African Police Service