Absence of directorate office does not affect performance: Eises

The Education Directorate of the Oshikoto Region continues to operate from offices in Ondangwa in the Oshana Region, despite concerns over the associated costs.

In an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, Oshikoto Education Director Aletta Eises said her office has received numerous complaints and requests for the office to be moved from Ondangwa to the Oshikoto Region.

However, she explained that in 2016, N.dollars 132 million was allocated to construct an office. However, considering the poor school infrastructure in the region, they opted to prioritise improving school premises for learners instead.

‘We are more focused on our learners than having an office in the region,’ she said.

Eises said even though their office is based in Ondangwa, they remain focused on learners’ education in the Oshikoto Region. She added that this arrangement has not affected their performance or that of learners in their region.

Contacted for comment, the Executive Director of the Ministry of Education, Sanet Steenkamp, indicat
ed that the regional directorate has always been accessible but acknowledged that the ideal situation would be for the Oshikoto regional offices to operate from Omuthiya. However, she noted that such a move is currently not feasible.

Steenkamp provided historical context, noting the past division of regions into Ondangwa West and Ondangwa East, with Ondangwa East covering the Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions.

‘With time, Ohangwena Region moved to Eenhana where we were renting office space. Thereafter with the prioritisation of the budget, we started with the construction of the offices which are soon to be completed and then we will move to the Oshikoto Region, where a directorate office will be built in Omuthiya,’ she said.

She added that feasibility studies were conducted in 2016 and plans for construction are in place, but due to a moratorium on office block construction, priority was given to Ohangwena to finalise the construction of the directorate office, before construction of an office for the Oshiko
to directorate starts.

Steenkamp also noted that in Omuthiya they have a museum, library resource centre and the inspector’s office, which is the nearest point of entry under the regional council for education in Omuthiya.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency