Arts and Culture commemorates life of Robert MangalisoSobukwe, 31 Oct

Robert Sobukwe exhibition launch and seminar at Freedom Park, Pretoria 31 October 2018

Freedom Park, an Agency of the National Department of Arts and Culture, in partnership with the Robert Sobukwe Trust, and the Masingita Foundation will commemorate the life of the former Robben Island political prisoner, Robert MangalisoSobukwe through a Seminar and an Exhibition.

The Seminar will focus on issues that affect South Africa today, issues such as Land, Education and the Justice System which were also pertinent to the late stalwart. Professor MosibudiMangena, former Cabinet Minister; Mr Joe Tlholoe, renowned journalist; and DrVhonaniLiphadzi, a renowned scholar, will form part of the panelist members. Other participants will include MasingitaMasungu, the founder of the Masingita Foundation; Dr Don Mattera, an Africanist poet; as well as MsKaraboKgoleng, a television and radio personality.

The exhibition was created by the Nelson Mandela Foundation in collaboration with the Robert Sobukwe Trust. Amongst others, the exhibition features multimedia content about Robert Sobukwe’s life, his legacy and some of his personal artefacts such as an iron from his incarceration at Robben Island, study material he pored over while at the University of Fort Hare and a schoolbook with the inscription Remember Africa.

Freedom Park’s core mandate is to honour the heroes and heroines who died fighting for freedom and humanity. Freedom stalwarts like Robert Sobukwe; Charlotte Maxeke; Steve Biko; Ruth First ; Oliver Tambo and many others, have been memorialised in the monument’s permanent exhibition.

Source: Government of South Africa