Being Meerkat, Looking Out Over the Entire World [analysis]

New app Meerkat has been tipped as a game-changer, both for the selfie-loving and news-obsessed. GREG NICOLSON gave it a try and found you can see whatever you’re interested in, wherever, by whomever, plus some things you never thought you’d be interested in. The weird thing – you can interact with it in real time.

If you have Meerkat, on Sunday you could have seen me put on my contact lenses in the morning, dishevelled and dreary (three people watched). Later you could have experienced walking across Nelson Mandela Bridge with me (which was rather quiet but drew 10 viewers). There was the view from a table in Braamfontein as I sipped coffee (no viewers). And, like seven people, you could have watched me greet patrons and order a beer, even comment on how long it took to order. Each event was streamed live, with viewers seeing what I saw as I experienced it.

Since launching almost a month ago and earning an exorbitant amount of attention at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, Meerkat has been hailed as the app to watch this year one that could not only change methods of communication but also of reporting …

Source : Daily Maverick