Building strong partnerships with business and community reduces crime in Kwazakele

Establishing strong partnerships and getting to know your community well, is sure to make a difference in combatting crime in any area. SAPS Kwazakele has built a sturdy relationship with its community and this partnership has resulted in all role-players working hand in hand to ensure the safety of their citizens and businesses.

In the last two years, criminal activities near a garage in the area was a hype for criminals robbing and hijacking commuters in that area. Due to these criminal activities the owners of the garage fostered a relationship with SAPS Kwazakele, the Community Policing Forum as well as Community in Blue with the aim of eradicating the problem. Once that partnership took off, there was a drastic decrease in crime in that area.

On 30 September at about 10:00, the garage management in partnership with Eyona Energy handed over 200 reflector jackets and 80 beanies to the Community Policing Forum to be utilised during their patrols with the Community in Blue patrollers to enhance visibility when performing their duties.

A soccer kit was also donated to a soccer club known as Carvella Stars to encourage the youth to get involved in crime prevention initiatives through sport against crime. The club coach Mr Savoy Mazwi was overwhelmed at the sponsorship and vowed to ensure to increase the membership of the club by engaging with the youth to participate and show an interest in the sport thus luring them away from crime and criminal elements.

SAPS Kwazakele Station Commander, Brigadier Lindelwa Vellem extended her appreciation to the business fraternity and reiterated that,’in order for us to reduce crime and criminal activities, we need the support and cooperation of every citizen and business in the Kwazakele area. Businesses are an integral part of society and are one of our key stakeholders in combatting crime. Enhanced co-operation between the SAPS and companies will ensure that our communities are and feel safe,’ added Brigadier Vellem.

Source: South African Police Service