City appoints Atlantis Business Investment Facilitator


I am pleased to announce the appointment of a full-time Business Investment Facilitator to head up the City of Cape Town’s programme of support for investors and business people in Atlantis and surrounds.

This official will head up the Atlantis Investment Facilitation Office (AIFO) that has played a key role in the development of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) thus far. The AIFO, which sits within the City’s Enterprise and Investment Department, plays a crucial role in assisting investors to navigate through the City’s regulatory environments.

The office is gearing up to play an even greater role in developing the business ecosystem in Atlantis.

This is a demonstration of the City’s commitment to grow the economy, support the Atlantis community and ensure the effective functioning of the SEZ.

Another significant development that I am excited to mention is that the first investor, Quantum V3, is already breaking ground. The company has invested R20 million in the SEZ and produces acetylene gas, which is used in the manufacture of solar panels. Since the launch of the SEZ, at least six others are finalising their projects with the aim of starting construction within the next 12 months. More details will follow in due course.

Officially launched in December 2018, the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) for Green Technologies aims to attract foreign and domestic investment, and in the process, create more jobs and develop the regional economy.

Prior to its launch, the ASEZ had already attracted R700 million in investment and created 312 jobs with the help of GreenCape and Wesgro.

Over R2 billion worth of investment is being pumped into Atlantis, outside the SEZ but within the broader industrial area. Investors interest in Atlantis was initially piqued by the SEZ. Most of all, this investment represents close to 800 new jobs.

It is clear that all roads are leading to Atlantis, as the area is experiencing a significant uptick in economic revitalisation.

I also welcome the community elected members of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone for Green Technologies � Community Stakeholder Network (ASEZ-CSN). The CSN came to fruition after a year of hard work and careful community engagement.

The ASEZ � CSN is an organisation of umbrella bodies representing the Atlantis community. It has two main functions: to represent the needs and interests of the community and businesses in matters relating to the Atlantis SEZ; and to act as a channel of communication between the Atlantis SEZ and the local community.

We are excited by this opportunity to engage with local community members and ensure that the SEZ’s success is felt by the residents in this community.

I encourage prospective investors to make contact with the AIFO, so that we can work with you to facilitate your investment in Atlantis, to grow the economy and create jobs.

Source: City Of Cape Town

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