City kicks its festive season readiness up a notch

The annual festive season readiness plan is underpinned by visible policing and public safety at City amenities, supported by a host of departments under the guidance of the Festive Season coordinating committee.

In the latest event to showcase its readiness for the festive season, the City conducted an integrated beach safety operation and numerous roadblocks in the Muizenberg area today.

‘We want Capetonians and visitors to be safe in our city this summer. Our beaches, pools, roads and parks are the biggest focus areas of our safety efforts over the festive season, as locals and visitors take advantage of Cape Town’s many beautiful attractions and weather. The City has more than four thousand uniformed enforcement staff available in shifts over this period, and 600 lifeguards at identified beaches and public swimming pools. In addition, thousands of staff members in other departments too are working to keep our city clean and functioning so that our residents can safely enjoy the summer season and the year-end festivities,’ said Executive Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis.

The City’s efforts to mitigate public safety and service delivery risks are outlined in the annual festive season preparedness plan, and monitored by the Festive Season Coordination Committee, which meets regularly during the peak festive season period and involves a host of City departments and external role-players including the NSRI, SAPS, Metro EMS and Western Province Lifesaving, to mention a few.

An executive summary of the plan is available here:


The City’s Metro Police, Traffic Services and Law Enforcement Departments will be deployed in accordance with the Festive Season preparedness plan.

The plan identifies the operational focus areas as well as priority deployment areas.

The consumption of alcohol in public spaces will once again be a key focus area, as a major safety risk, not only in terms of water safety, but also road safety.

The City’s enforcement agencies confiscate thousands of litres of alcohol over the festive season, with Boxing Day and New Year’s Day posing the biggest challenge.

During the last festive season, officers confiscated 8 699 bottles of alcohol, amounting to 4 786,66 litres.
‘The City invests a lot of time and money in ensuring public safety all year round, but in particular over the festive season. Apart from the visible policing, a lot of work happens behind the scenes. It is a mammoth task, but one that we have refined over many years of implementation. However, the plan is also contingent on everyone doing their bit and so I appeal to the public to work with us this year by taking responsibility for their personal safety. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, know where your children are and ensure that they are supervised at all times, but most importantly, leave the alcohol at home, and when you have been drinking, please don’t get behind the wheel of your car,’ said Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

Source: City Of Cape Town