Combined rapid response services success

GAUTENG – From Friday, 07 October 2022 to Thursday 13 October 2022, Rapid Response Services (Flying Squad, K9 Units and Highway Patrol) members arrested one hundred and fifty (150) suspects in different areas in Gauteng.
Members participated in various concentrated operations and intensive patrols around the province, which led to the arrest of the suspects. The suspects were arrested for different crimes ranging from hijacked, stolen vehicles, possession of firearms and possession of drugs.
Ninety eight (98) suspects were arrested for drugs, twenty nine (29) for possession of firearms, twelve (12) for stolen vehicles and eleven (11) for hijacked vehicles. Members managed to recover drugs estimated value of R3 200 000, forty three (43) stolen vehicles, twenty nine (29) hijacked vehicles and twenty three (23) firearms.
Investigation continues with all cases opened.
Community members are encouraged to work closely with police in order to solve problems of crime, physical and social disorder, and neighbourhood decay. This can be done through establishing a partnership between police and the communities they serve, ensuring effective protection of communities and a better quality of life.
All suspects will be appearing soon in the different Magistrates courts across Gauteng.

Source: South African Police Service