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Department of Labour’s Occupational Health and Hygiene Directorate in the Inspection and Enforcement Services branch to host the National OHS conference

The Department of Labour’s Occupational Health and Hygiene (OHH) Directorate within the branch Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) is to host the National Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Conference next month.

The conference is planned to be held in Gauteng (Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni) from 24th to 26th July 2019. The event will be held under the theme: Strategic co-operation to promote decent work and achieve ‘Vision Zero’ in occupational injuries and diseases.

The conference is held to advocate the work performed by the Department to ensure safe working places. The conference is also being held to promote the worker’s health in the advancement of Agenda 2030, which seeks to advance sustainable development goals (SDG).

The conference will bring together great minds that will share experiences and solutions in the OHS environment amidst the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution.

Speakers at the conference will include: Department of Employment and Labour Director-General Thobile Lamati; International Labour Organization Director Dr Joni Musabayana; Department of Employment and Labour Deputy Director-General Aggy Moiloa; Department of Employment and Labour Chief Inspector Tibor Szana; and Compensation Fund Commissioner Vuyo Mafata.

During the three-day conference there will also be breakaway sessions to reflect on a number of subjects. The breakaway sessions will discuss: gender aspects in OHS; psychological conditions after an occupational injury; health effects on people living close to electrical power lines; disability prevention and re-integration at work; applying ergonomics to promote a positive culture in occupational health and safety; electromagnetic radiation in the explosive industry; social security system; health impact of shift work; ignition risks due to optical radiation; mental health at work; impact of aging workers on OHS; ionizing radiation health effects and protective measures; emerging psychosocial work hazards: the new world of work; OHS in the informal sector: African perspective and construction health and safety.

On the second day the breakaway session will focus on: control of gases use in refrigeration and air-conditioning plants; the role of epidemiological research in preventing occupational diseases; integrated worker health and well-being in construction industry; addressing occupational diseases in SA; health effects when using gas appliances inside houses; impact of HIV/AIDS and TB in the world of work; management of noise induced hearing loss in the iron and steel sector; occupational health in the chemical industry; bio risk safety management; protection of workers against noise and vibration; respiratory disorders at work; the role of education and training to vibration.

The conference will conclude with formulation of resolutions.

The OHH Directorate expects 1000 delegates, including stakeholders to attend the conference.

Source: Department of Labour