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Elderly conned at ATM, suspect sought

JAN KEMPDORP – A 73-year-old man from Valspan in Jan Kempdorp was scammed while at an ATM in Jan Kempdorp yesterday. It is reported the elderly man was tricked while withdrawing money. His bank card was swopped with another card by the suspect who pretended to assist. The pensioner got the shock of his life when he got bank notification from his cell phone regarding withdrawal of a substantial amount.

An intensive search has been launched and anyone with information about the suspect is kindly requested to contact the Jan Kempdorp police at 053 456 5200.

ATM users are sensitised not to accept any assistance from any stranger to avoid being scammed.

Meanwhile the Jan Kempdorp police arrested a 30-year-old suspect who was found in possession of stolen steel pipe. The suspect was arrested with the assistance of community members while trying to sell at a scrapyard.

Source: South African Police Service