Internal Affairs

Escapee rearrested in East London

EASTERN CAPE – On Friday afternoon, 14 October 2022, SAPS Duncan Village detectives were busy performing tracing duties when they received information of an accused person which escaped from East London magistrate court on 05 September 2022.
The members followed up on the information and found the accused walking near the Haven Hills cemetery in Amalinda, East London. When he saw the police vehicles he fled into the nearby bush and disappeared. The area was searched and his last trace was found next to the underground concrete water pipes.
The pipes were inspected and it was established that on the other side of the road, the concrete pipes were closed due to sand and other obstacles. East London K9 unit members were called to assist however prior to their arrival, the escapee surrendered to police.
At the time of his escape, he was in custody for crimes of murder, attempted murder, business robbery, Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, theft of motor vehicle and carjacking. These crimes were committed in Duncan Village, Chalumna and Scenery Park areas.
The escapee will appear in the East London magistrate court on 17 October 2022.

Source: South African Police Service