Firm promises solutions to blocking of accounts for Africans in diaspora

DiFTAS (Disputed Financial Transaction Advisory Services), a financial consultancy, has expressed readiness to assist Africans in the diaspora grappling with frozen or blocked bank accounts, which hinder local and international transactions.

Mr Gbemi Adelekan, Co-founder of DiFTAS, gave the assurance in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Lagos.

“Many of our people are so used to dealing in cash, and sometimes, upon getting abroad, the bank may decide to block their accounts until they prove they have nothing to do with money laundering.

“When this happens, you cannot have access until the bank completes its investigation.

“With our legal and professional advice, you can get them to unblock your account, thereby providing you access for your transactions in Nigeria and beyond borders, the co-founder said.

Adelekan said that navigating the complexities of frozen or blocked bank accounts was an ordeal for many Africans living overseas.

The DiFTAS co-founder said that the firm was committed to providing expert guidance and pragmatic solutions for those confronted by the challenge.

He said that customers of local banks, bureau de change operators, exporters and importers, students and people living and working in the diaspora could benefit from the services.

Adelekan said that since diaspora communities wielded substantial influence on both home and host countries’ economies, the demand for reliable financial advisory services had become more pronounced.

“The consultancy also provides insightful advisory services regarding anti-money laundering and anti-fraud strategies, while tailoring personalised financial assistance to meet clients’ diverse needs,” he said.

According to Adelekan, DiFTAS also actively collaborates with businesses poised for global expansion, investors seeking optimal ventures, students pursuing education abroad and entities facilitating cross-border transactions.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria