Floral carpet covers Helderberg Nature Reserve after fire

A stunning burst of new growth is revitalising Helderberg Nature Reserve following the fire that swept through the area

Caption: A carpet of beautiful sonsorrels (Heliophila meyeri) covers much of the Helderberg Nature Reserve in a resurgence of new plant growth. The species is stimulated by fire, and was last seen in such proliferation after the 2006 wildfire. A stroll along Woodie’s walk and sections of the trail to West Peak give stunning panoramic views of the mass flowering.
In addition, the trail to West Peak via the Kingskloof side of the mountain has been re-opened to hikers. The trails from Disa Gorge via Porcupine Buttress remain closed.

Helderberg Nature reserve is open from 7:30 – 17:30 daily.

For further details, including applicable entry fees, please visit the Helderberg Nature Reserve facility page.

Source: City Of Cape Town