Gauteng is the leading destination for Foreign Direct Investment

One of the objectives of the Africa Investment Forum is to channel, investments towards Africa’s development through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Foreign Direct Investment is one of the key elements in the promotion of a country’s economic growth, it aids in the transfer of both capital and skills from international business to local business.

Speaking at the Africa Investment Forum, Premier, David Makhura said that Gauteng is a prime destination for FDI in Africa and the provincial government is very active in its effort to attract and unlock higher rates of investment into the sub-national economy.

Gauteng is already contributing to the intra Africa trade and investment. There are more than 200 active FDI projects of Gauteng based businesses in different regions of the continent. These project sustain 45 00 jobs in the provincial economy and also create jobs in the destination countries.

“The provincial government will roll out 12 foreign direct investment projects which would boost South Africa’s manufacturing capacity and industrial hubs. The projects include an automotive manufacturing plant in Kagiso on the East Rand as well as the expansion of the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link”, said Premier Makhura.

The Africa Investment Forum is currently underway at the Sandton Convention Centre, north of Johannesburg

Source: Gauteng Province