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GWM’s POER Pickup Features 8AT for Global Launch

This Upcoming Launch Drives GWM Forward on its Internationalization Strategy

BEIJING, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GWM (601633.SS/02333.HK), a world-renowned SUV and pickup manufacturer, is entering the international mainstream pickup truck market with the launch of POER pickup in the fourth quarter of this year, also targeting to rebrand its brand image by this intelligent safety pickup. Its intelligent safety features not only stand for GWM’s forward looking to the technology development trend of auto industry and perspective layout of R&D, but also prove its innovative strength of pickup models and new firm step of internationalization strategy.

The First-ever 8AT Boosts Competitiveness and Brand Image

GWM has unveiled the powertrain combination of its overseas POER pickup, which will be equipped with the same one as in China. It is available with a 2.0L petrol engine and a 2.0L diesel engine, as well as a 6MT and 8AT transmission, to meet the diverse needs of wide-ranging customers. The POER is China’s first pickup to boast 8AT, providing smoother gear shifts and faster response speed. Supplied by the world-renowned car parts maker ZF Friedrichshafen AG, the introduction of an automatic transmission is particularly important for international markets. The 8AT model thus not only enhances the competitiveness of GWM but paves the way for entering into more market segments. Moreover, 8AT complements the intelligent safety advantages of the POER, driving GWM forward in its re-branding and reshaping consumer perception of the brand.

GWM’s Technology Platform Powers Global Product Adaptability

POER is built on GWM’s P71 platform, which designs cars with a focus on safety, intelligence, lightweight, space, and scalability. It can design hundreds of vehicle models varying different sizes, power, and transmission, according to needs. Based on global standards for international markets, the P71 platform drives the core competitiveness of the POER pickup.

China’s Leading Pickup Exporter

In September, GWM exported 2,470 pickups, a 60% increase month-on-month and a 47% increase year-on-year. Demonstrating significant resilience, GWM has continued to recover and lead China’s pickup exports. From January to September of this year, GWM exported 11,648 pickups, maintaining its position as China’s largest pickup exporter for 22 consecutive years, with No.1 China pickup exporter to 45 countries around the world. GWM is entering a new era, as the launch of the POER provides a strong new impetus for growth.