Hamata calls on government to regulate private schools and vocational training centres

KEETMANSHOOP: Popular Democratic Movement Member of Parliament Hidipo Hamata has urged the government to regulate private schools and vocational training centres to ensure fairness and equality for all students and teachers.

Hamata, while speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, said a financial burden is placed on parents due to additional payments demanded by these institutions alongside tuition and hostel fees, adding that it is unsustainable.

‘Government oversight is essential to strike a balance between sustaining private institutions and protecting the interests of parents. The pressing concerns in Namibia’s private education system include fair compensation for teachers, access to education for all students and responsible financial practices,’ said Hamata.

He added that these concerns need immediate government intervention and the establishment of comprehensive regulations to ensure fairness, equality and ethical treatment within both private schools and vocational training centres.

Hamata stated that r
egulating private schools is crucial to addressing fraudulent practices related to tax and social security deductions and advocated for mandated regular reporting and provision of evidence regarding accurate payments on behalf of employees, backed by periodic audits and inspections by relevant authorities.

‘Transparent communication regulations must ensure private schools disclose salary details, including tax and social security deductions, establishing clear legal consequences for fraudulent practices, protecting employee rights to accurate financial information and implementing whistle-blower protection mechanisms are essential components of these regulations. By enacting these measures, we uphold accountability, transparency, and fairness in the financial dealings between private schools and their staff,’ he stressed.

Hamata further expressed concern about the treatment and compensation of instructors at vocational training centres.

‘Government intervention is necessary and in cases where these centres
are found violating employee rights or failing to meet education standards, strict penalties or withdrawal of funding should be implemented. This will serve as a deterrent and ensure that private vocational centres adhere to the regulations set forth, fostering a culture of accountability and commitment to quality education,’ said Hamata.

Source:The Namibia Press Agency

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