Heritage Day weekend marked by increase in trauma cases

The spike in trauma and assault cases reported to the City’s Public Emergency Communication Centre (PECC) is notable, week on week – and unsurprisingly coincides with a public holiday, as well as payday weekend for many.

A cursory glance at the comparative weekend statistics recorded by the PECC shows not only an increase in overall incidents, but also increases in the number of assaults, domestic violence calls and road accidents involving both motor vehicles and pedestrians.
‘We tend to see an increase in these categories as we near month-end, so the statistics are sadly not surprising. However, it’s disappointing and once again highlights the relationship between trauma cases and alcohol consumption. It’s important to note that this is likely not the complete picture, as some cases might be reported to other entities, and then of course, there are cases that go completely unreported, for various reasons,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.


Officers made 137 arrests for various offences including possession of drugs, firearms, imitation firearms and other dangerous weapons.

They also issued 3 541 notices for various by-law offences.

Officers attached to the Housing Safety Unit arrested a 23-year-old suspect on 18 September 2022 for possession of an imitation firearm, after responding to a complaint of anti-social activities at a rental stock unit in Bellville South.

On the same day, officers arrested a 33-year-old man for the illegal sale of liquor at another rental stock unit in the same area.

They responded to a complaint, and during an inspection of the premises, officers spotted beer crates stacked in the backyard.

They then found two freezers in a Wendy House on the property, filled with bottles – the tenant could not produce a liquor license, and was detained at Bellville SAPS.


A total of 38 052 speeding offences were recorded and 30 721 fines were issued for various traffic violations.

Officers impounded 106 public transport vehicles and executed 1 575 warrants of arrest.

A total of 41 arrests were made for the following offences:

36 for driving under the influence of alcohol
five for reckless and negligent driving
During an operation in Mitchells Plain on Sunday, 25 September 2022 to address complaints around illegal street racing, officers issued 413 fines for various offences in terms of the National Road Traffic Act and arrested four suspects for attempted robbery.

Officers participating in the operation spotted a security guard involved in a scuffle with another individual on the corner of Eisleben and Spine Road.

The security guard managed to get away, and the other person jumped into a silver Toyota Corolla that sped off.

Officers pursued the vehicle, and managed to stop it – the security guard positively identified the person who tried to rob him, and four occupants in the vehicle were taken to Mitchells Plain SAPS.

There was also an allegation that the vehicle has been used in a number of robberies in the Portlands area – this is under investigation by SAPS.

‘Many of the City’s enforcement successes are the result of either tip offs from the public, or a visible enforcement presence. It underscores the importance of boots on the ground, because it not only means quick turnaround times and catching perpetrators in the act, but it increases the level of trust between communities and enforcement services, which in turn increases the number of tips that are relayed,’ added Alderman Smith.

Source: City Of Cape Town

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