Hout Bay beach reopens

Hout Bay beach was reopened today, Saturday, 14 January 2023.

Thank you to beach-goers for their cooperation when sewage-related matters temporarily affect public access to our beaches.

Water samples taken for water quality testing indicated the levels are within the minimum requirement for recreational activities as determined by the National Water Quality Guidelines for coastal waters.

Health warning signage will be removed.

The City apologises for any inconvenience and thanks the public for its cooperation during this time.

The beach was temporarily closed as a precautionary measure. Investigations found sewer reticulation pipes and a bulk stormwater pipe (which also had illegal sewer connections) were blocked with foreign objects such as litter, rags, carpets, tins, pieces of animal carcasses, stones, brick pieces and even cutlery. This unfortunately caused an overflow at the stormwater-to-sewer diversion chamber in the area.

The City’s Roads and Infrastructure Management and Water and Sanitation Departments collectively addressed the blockage and cleaned the stormwater-to-sewer low flow diversion chambers. The City continues to monitor this situation.

This reiterates the City’s call for residents to not discard waste using the sewer system.

What residents can do to help prevent sewer overflows:

Don’t flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper. See

Use the City’s solid waste services provided to get rid of your waste, not drains. Waste that gets into the sewer pipes will cause blockages and put strain on and can damage sewer related infrastructure such as pipelines, pump stations and wastewater treatment works (WWTWs).

Report sewer blockages and overflows so they can be cleared in a reasonable timeframe, given the current power situation.

Source: City Of Cape Town