Issues raise the ire

Irate residents of Task Team Village took to the streets in protest on Friday 30 November, as they

demanded that their area be recognised as being separate from neighbouring Solly’s Town.

Frustrated by a lack of service delivery in their area, the group of residents burnt tyres and dirt, and

blocked all access on Onverwacht Road, which passes Task Team Village. Motorists were forced to use

alternative routes, as the locals cited their displeasure with lack of services rendered in their area.

Officers of the City of Cape Town’s Metro Police were on hand to monitor the situation.

Some of the issues that led to residents resorting to protest action include that fact that none of the people

living in their area is employed through council’s Extented Public Works Programme (EPWP) and the

Task Team Village is being classified as part of Solly’s Town.

Residents claimed they had been living in the area since 2013, and demand that this classification be


They further claimed that EPWP workers tasked with cleaning the area do not enter Task Team Village, so

they are forced to take their own rubbish out to a nearby container.

Our area is dirty, as the people meant to clean here reside in other areas and refuse to clean our

neighbourhood, one resident, Odwa Mbewu, said.

We want people from this community to also be employed as cleaners so that our area can also be

cleaned, he said.

We are also not happy to be classified under Solly’s Town � we are a different community.

Mzuvukile Nikelo, Subcouncil 8 chairperson, said these issues raised by residents need to be brought to the

subcouncil by the local ward councillor.

The issues have not been brought to the subcouncil; [once this is done], only then we can intervene, he


As the proportional representative councillor for Ward 85 I work under Councillor Simthembile Mfecane

and cannot override him. If the area wants to be independent, the ward councillor needs to write to the


The correspondence with the City needs to include information such as the number of people residing in

the area, the toilets available and statistics of people who clean there, Nikelo said.

Mfecane said the issues raised by residents of Task Team Village are those plaguing most informal

settlements. He further indicated his intention to meet with all stakeholders to discuss the issues affecting

the residents.

He said: Nikelo is just shifting the blame; he knows what the issues in this area are � they are not new.

We will meet with him soon and again inform him about issues affecting the community.

Source: Department of Public Works