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Labour hosts service delivery campaign in Northern Cape, 19 to 22 Mar

Labour service delivery campaign takes services to communities of Frances Baard and Pixley Ka Seme District

The Department of Labour, Northern Cape will be unleashing a service delivery campaign reaching out to unemployed youth, work seekers and workers in Frances Baard and Pixley Ka Seme District areas on Monday.

This campaign will start in Hartswater (19/03/2018), Warrenton (20/03/2018), Douglas, Pixley Ka Seme (22/03/2018) and end on Friday in Barkley West. It will give stakeholders an opportunity to meet with the Department and its entities -Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and Compensation Fund (CF).

This final service delivery campaign for the 2017/18 Financial Year is meant to address the growing need for Department and Funds to interact further with clients and key stakeholders and raise awareness of legislative amendments aimed at improving the social security safety nets of employees. This initiative also augments our efforts to deal with service delivery bottle-necks, receive feedback from our clients and assess the level of service we are rendering. Said Mr Zolile Albanie (Chief Director: Provincial Operations)

The Department of Labour will be using the event for service delivery intervention accompanied by Exhibitions and Advocacy sessions therefore workers will be given an opportunity to make enquiries and apply for benefits from UIF and CF where applicable. The Public Employment Services team will also be at hand to assist work seekers with employment opportunities by capturing their CVs to be registered on the Employment Service of South Africa (ESSA) database.

Source: Government of South Africa