Human Rights

Lenasia South police and faith based organizations join forces to fight the scourge of murderers perpetuated by gender based violence

The management of Lenasia South SAPS, Gauteng Department of Community Safety and faith based organizations as well as political formations joined forces today by dedicating this special day to pray for all the victims who lost their lives as a result of gender based violence and other forms of violent attacks in Vlakfontein and Zakaria Park during the past few months.

The activities for the day started at 05:00 at the Zakaria Park community hall before proceeding to visit seven different sites to conduct special prayers for the slain victims as a result of gender based violence and other violent attacks around Vlakfontein and Zakaria.

The day’s proceedings were wrapped up by returning back at the Zakaria Park community hall where the Gauteng MEC for Community Safety Mrs Faith Mazibuko joined the day’s proceedings and during her speech she emphasized that gender based violence will not be tolerated in our society and that victims of such violence should promptly report such violence so that the perpetrators of such crimes are taken to task before the victims become statistics. She also went further to say that the area of Vlakfontein and Zakaria Park will never experience such horrific crimes again as the Lord has heard the cries and prayers of the community of the affected areas.

Source: South African Police Service