Load-shedding: Use less water now

Prolonged, high stages of load-shedding is having an impact on water supply operations in Cape Town, notably in higher-lying areas where water needs to be pumped to get to properties. Residents across the city need to help by using less water immediately so we can reduce our collective water use to 850 million litres per day. See here.

As a precautionary measure, the City’s Water and Sanitation Directorate is urging residents to please use less water. This will help maintain the supply during prolonged high stages of load-shedding, which is affecting water supply operations.

High-lying or mountainous areas which rely on Water Pumping Stations are at more immediate risk of low or no water pressure during high stages of load-shedding. The affected areas are:

1. Somerset West region

2. De Novo and Kraaifontein, including Belmont Park, Eikendal and Scottsville

3. Deep South, from Simon’s Town to Murdoch Valley

4. Hout Bay

Please note:

• Residents will experience low pressure to no water.

• Affected areas could change depending on the situation.

• For updates, follow @CityofCTAlerts which is a City of Cape Town Twitter account.

‘The challenge is that reservoirs are not able to fill up fast enough because of the prolonged period of load-shedding while residents are also using lots of water at the same time.

‘Using less water will help deal with operational challenges, notably due to heavy load-shedding, which are impacting on our water treatment plants and ability to convey good quality drinking water to reservoirs and areas across Cape Town, especially to high-lying areas where the water has to be pumped.

‘While City teams are monitoring the water supply operations and usage very closely and doing all they can to maintain supply, we also need our residents to help us during this time by using less water,’ said Acting Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Sanitation, Councillor Siseko Mbandezi.

Reminder during prolonged load-shedding:

• The City is calling on everyone to reduce our collective water use to 850 million litres per day.

• Tap water is still safe to drink, and dams are over 65% full.

• Be prepared and please help – load-shedding tips: https://bit.ly/3j4fEga

For more information, see:



Source: City Of Cape Town

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