Internal Affairs

Mduduzi Manana resigns

The Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mduduzi Manana, has resigned and apologised to South Africans, particularly women, following the recent incident of assault he was in involved in, which is before the court.

The former Deputy Minister handed his resignation and publicly apologised for his conduct on Saturday.

I am heartbroken and disappointed in myself as a leader in our great nation. The people of South Africa have entrusted me to lead in delivering the ethos and essence of our Constitution.

There is no excuse in the world to ever justify what I have done and as much as I am completely and utterly shameful of the act, it’s not even about me. It is about all the women of our nation who go through abuse daily in the hands of men � people who should lead and protect them.

Manana has expressed deep regret in letting the nation down.

I had occasion to reflect on the matter and consequent to such reflection, I have decided, on my own, to step down from the position of Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training in the Republic of South Africa and have communicated my decision with the President.

He said this will give him space to focus on the legal proceedings pending before the Randburg Magistrates’ Court, while allowing the good work of government to run unhindered.

I am sorry. I take all accountability and I promise that this will never happen again, Manana said.

President Jacob Zuma has received and accepted his resignation. The President has thanked Manana for his contribution to the work of government during his term of office.

Source: South African Government News Agency