Internal Affairs

Metrorail resumes Southern Line operations

With the completion of repair works between Retreat and Fishoek Stations on the Southern Line, commuters in the Western Cape can now travel by train once again.

In a statement on Sunday, Metrorail said it will operate the yellow and grey trains during peak hours, with the Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) trains set to operate off-peak, as per the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) conditions.

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th of October 2021, Metrorail Protection Services intercepted and arrested one of two suspects caught cutting 11kv lines between Retreat and Fishoek Stations.

In their escape, the suspects proceeded to throw the cut 11 kV line onto live 3kv overhead electric lines at Fishoek Station. The two wires touched, causing damage to four mast poles as well at the lines.

“Various intense replacement works had to be undertaken before the trains could operate on the Southern Line again. This includes the replacement of cut 11kv and 3kv lines, the rebuilding of four damage mast poles, including the replacement of their foundations, to name a few,” Metrorail said.

All this work took place before the electric lines could be strung up and switched on to allow for operations.

The total repair costs for Retreat and Fishoek and Glencairn Stations is approximately R4.5 million.

Source: South African Government News Agency