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Minister Senzo Mchunu hosts meeting with municipalities over concerns of water use in Gauteng, 17 Oct

Minister Mchunu to host an urgent meeting with municipalities over concerns of water use in Gauteng
Water and Sanitation Minister, Hon. Senzo Mchunu, will on Monday 17th October, engage with the municipalities of Gauteng Province affected by Rand Water’s water restrictions. The meeting will be between the Ministry, DWS, Rand Water represented by the Chairperson and CEO, all three Metros, as well as affected District and Local municipalities.
As water use has risen in recent weeks due to the continued heatwave which has been happening in this period over the last two to three years, delayed summer rains in the inland provinces leading to people using potable water for uses that would have been taken care of by rains, e.g., watering gardens and car was enterprises which could be having rainwater harvesting jojo tanks, as well as water losses due to leaks in the reticulation part of the system.
There continues to be overuse in the province which puts a strain on the system that led to Rand Water having to inform their customers of the need to restrict. This does not imply that there is a crisis of water availability but is rather a means to manage the system through reduction and therefore bringing balance to the system.

Source: Government of South Africa

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