Missing person sought by Mountain Rise police

Mountain Rise Detectives and the SAPS Pietermaritzburg Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual offences Unit are urgently seeking information with regards to the whereabouts of Andile Fihla (11) who was last seen going to school. It is alleged on Friday 9 November 2018 at 07:30, Andile was in the company of his sister on their way to Msilinga Primary School in Copesville.

Whilst walking, a man who is known to them as well as his friend residing in the area stopped to talk to Andile. They instructed his sister to continue walking to school and that Andile will follow soon. A member of the community noticed what was going on and informed Andile’s mother. She contacted the school only to find out that Andile never arrived at school. The matter was reported to police for investigation. Police searched for Andile but he was nowhere to be found.

Source: South Africa Police Service