Ongoing routine electricity maintenance for 27 September to 2 October 2022

The City thanks customers for their patience as we do necessary ongoing critical routine maintenance on our electrical infrastructure in various areas of the metro. The City does not carry out maintenance from load-shedding Stage 3 and above. Please note, some news channels imply this work leaves whole areas without power for a week. This is not true.

PLANNED ROUTINE ELECTRICITY MAINTENANCE 27 September to 2 October 2022 (subject to change)

27 September Strand Main, Donaldson, Park Smith, Calvin, Rhoda and Kleinbosch 08:30 18:00
27 September Amandelsig – Kuils River Portions of Kiewiet, Bokmakierie, Mossie, Valk and Seemeeu Close 08:30 16:00
27 September Noordhoek Noordhoek Ring Main Unit, Chapmans Peak, Nursery RMU Substation and vicinity 09:00 16:00
27 September Bellville Thermo Street, Triangle Farm 09:00 16:00
28 September Century City Sunset Links, Granula and Balers Way 07:00 16:00
28 September Somerset West Cape Cormorant and Cape Wegver 08:30 18:00
28 September Somerset West Earls, Lords, Queens, Duke and Chamberlain 08:30 18:00
28 September Retreat Langevlei, Tralee Road Substation and vicinity 09:00 16:00
28 September Bellville Dirkie Uys 09:00 16:00
29 September Somerset West Gordon, Plain, Meadow and Cloetenberg 08:00 18:00
29 September Beacon Hill Atlantis Beekberg 08:00 16:00
29 September Portland Michigan, Ontario, Chad, Erie, Tana and Hazeldene 08:00 17:00
29 September Somerset West Avondrust, Somerlus, Sir Lowry and Pass 08:30 18:00
29 September Arauna – Brackenfell Portion of Conradie, Boog, Ross and Melchoir 08:30 20:00
29 September Rocklands Kitty Hawk, Firefly, Avenger, Fiat, Ansonsea Hawk and Tigermoth 08:30 18:00
29 September Wetton Doig, Forest Hill, Much Binding, Low, High, Govan Mbeki and Saunders 09:00 16:00
29 September Bellville – Oakdale Barnard Street 09:00 16:00
30 September Bellville Raphael Street 09:00 16:00
30 September Ottery Ottery Village Industrial School 09:00 16:00
1 October Bellville Corner of Robert Sobukwe and Voortrekker 09:00 16:00
1 October Rocklands Marquisite, Crystal, Silver, Diamond, Aquamarine and Jade Close 08:00 17:00
2 October Claremont Wilge, Enterprise and Bakeries 06:00 20:00
2 October Newlands Riverside Centre, Holley, Heath, Garden and Boshoff 06:00 14:00
2 October Tokai Princess Alice, Melomed, Maxanka substations and vicinity 06:00 18:00
2 October Lentegeur Aster, Bloubekkie, Primrose, Kokerboom, and Snapdragon 08:00 17:00
2 October Brackenfell Morgan Industria 08:00 16:00
2 October Bellville Corner of Robert Sobukwe and Voortrekker 09:00 16:00
2 October Ottery Wicklow, Drogheda, Torrens, Londonderry and Armagh 09:00 16:00
2 October Greenpoint – De Waterkant Napier, Somerset and Cobern 09:00 16:00
2 October Cape Town 4 Stirling Street – Roeland Park 09:00 14:00

*Information is complete and correct at time of publication, but subject to change due to weather and other unforeseen conditions.
*It is standard practice to notify customers of planned maintenance via a pamphlet delivered door-to-door ahead of work.

• Where possible, please switch off appliances at the wall socket ahead of maintenance to reduce the risk of damage caused by power surges.
• The supply could be restored at any time, therefore residents should remember to treat all electrical installations as live for the full duration of the interruption.

City’s service channels (use only one channel to log requests)
Call Centre: 0860 103 089
SMS: 31220 (standard charges apply)

Source: City Of Cape Town