Oshikoto education directorate urges use of closed schools for development projects

The Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture in the Oshikoto Region is encouraging regional councillors to utilise closed-down school infrastructure for any developmental projects in their constituencies.

The directorate’s deputy director Thomas Kalimbo in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday indicated that seven schools in the region were closed and they want to avail these to mostly regional councillors or anyone else who would utilise the infrastructure in the interest of people.

He said that the seven schools were closed down due to the fact that enrolment numbers kept decreasing.

‘We request regional councillors to utilise the buildings at the schools that were closed down for any developmental projects,’ said Kalimbo.

Kalimbo said they are addressing the challenge of the school buildings lying idle by encouraging the regional councillors to use it since no teaching and learning takes place there.

‘We also want to encourage our councillors to follow the right procedures when they want to use these b
uildings,’ he said.

He further invited members of the business community and non-governmental organisations that want to rent the infrastructure to come forth.

‘We invite everyone that can utilise the school infrastructure to come to our office so that we can give them permission to do so,’ said Kalimbo.

The seven schools were closed between 2012 and 2021 because less than 100 learners attended the schools.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency