Human Rights

Parenting programme hits West Rand

On Thursday, Gauteng Department of Social Development (GDSD), West Rand Region hosted a Parenting Programme event under the theme: “Parenting with Passion”, in Molatlhegi Hall, Kokosi.

Giving the purpose of the gathering was Social Work Supervisor from Fochville Office, Viva Setati. She said, “We are here to empower parents with knowledge to enable them to tackle challenges when raising children. Whether you are an adoptive, foster or biological parent you all encounter difficulties when raising children”, said Setati.

She emphasized on making use of the services the department is rendering. She said, “There are departmental Social Workers waiting to assist you, please utilize our services for free. Let us all work together to become good parents. We are all here today because of our parents”, Setati said.

Linda Hendricks, Social Worker from same Fochville office gave presentation on Constitutional Ruling. She said, “There is a new ruling that came to effect on the 18th of September 2019. The Constitutional Court has ruled that corporal punishment cannot be used in private homes. The court has upheld the South Gauteng High Court’s 2017 ruling against corporal punishment in the home. Last year, Freedom of religion South Africa challenged the High Court ruling, which effectively declared all forms of corporal punishment by parents on their children unlawful”.

“Assaulting a child is a criminal offence and one can be prosecuted. To discipline a child is not wrong but the manner in which we do it is the concern. When you assault children too often, they are likely to become violent when they grow up. We should not violate their rights, let us respect them so that they do the same in return, and so better our society as a whole”, she concluded.

Source: Gauteng Province