Post office on collection of chronic clinic medication

Collect your chronic clinic meds from the Post Office

Patients of government clinics can now choose to receive their chronic medication at a convenient Post Office instead of collecting it from their clinic. This collection service is available in all provinces, except the Western Cape, at 342 post offices.

The service is aimed at patients who live or work closer to one of these post offices than a Government clinic. Post Offices are open until 17:00 on weekdays and Saturday mornings, allowing much longer hours for collecting medication.

According to the Post Office, queues at its outlets have vastly reduced since the collection point for SRD grants was moved to supermarkets. Medication can now be collected very quickly and stress-free.

Patients of government clinics who would like to collect their medication from their local post office, should arrange it with their clinic. The Department of Health sends the patient an SMS when the medication is ready for collection and patients have 14 days to collect it before the medication is returned to the Department of Health.

Source: Government of South Africa