SADC Gender Protocol 2015 Barometer, South Africa

With less than one year left before the deadline for the 28 targets of the SADC Gender Protocol, South Africa is among the top three performers in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region using indicators based on empirical data and citizen perceptions.
However, negligible progress in several sectors tempers sterling performance in some areas – notably education and political participation. Contradictions in areas linked to the Constitution; custom, culture and religion; HIV and AIDS and gender violence threaten to roll back fragile gains. Glaring gender gaps remain in the economic sphere. Overall, South Africa has as many “red lights” as “green lights” in the 2014 South Africa Barometer.
The 2014 South African SADC Gender Barometer is produced by Gender Links (GL), the coordinator of the Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance (the “Alliance”), in partnership with South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID), the Alliance Country Network.
Download the barometer below.
Files to download:Table of contents, Executive summary, country context – 709 KBChapter 1: Constitutional and legal rights – 666 KBChapter 2: Gender and Governance – 545 KBChapter 3: Education and training – 481 KBChapter 4: Economic justice – 925 KBChapter 5: Gender based violence – 887 KBChapter 6: Health – 525 KBChapter 7: HIV and AIDS – 542 KBChapter 8: Peace building and conflict resolution – 651 KBChapter 9: Media, information and communication – 702 KBChapter 10: Implementation – 884 KBChapter 11: Gender, climate change and sustainable development – 632 KBAnnexures and Bibliography – 128 KB