Senate urges completion of Wudil-Gaya-Dutse Dual Carriageway

The Senate has mandated its Committee on Works to interact with the Minister of Works, toward the completion of the Wudil-Gaya-Dutse Dual Carriageway on Kano Maiduguri Expressway.

This followed the adoption of a motion on Urgent Need to Expedite Completion of Wudil-Gaya-Duste Dual Carriageway on Kano Maiduguri Road by Sen. Kawu Suleiman (NNPP – Kano) at Tuesday’s plenary.

Presenting the motion, Suleiman said the expressway was a critical artery for transporting people and agricultural goods in the northern corridor.

He said contract for the construction of the road was awarded by the Federal Government 17 years ago, by the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He said that successive administrations had failed to complete the road.

‘Also notes that in 2018, the former president Muhammadu Buhari-led administration’s commitment to improving road transportation led to the award of so many road contracts to restore many dilapidated roads in the country.

‘Among these projects was the renewed
contract for the dualisation of the Kano – Maiduguri road.

‘Aware that a major transportation upgrade is on the horizon, a brand new two-lane highway will be built, along with improvements to the existing road.

‘To tackle this ambitious project, it has been divided into five manageable sections.

‘The first section focuses on the Kano – Wudil – Shuwarin road, while subsequent sections cover progressively connect Shuarin to Azare, Azare to Potiskum, Potiskum to Maiduguri, and finally, Maiduguri to Benishek,’ Sumaila said.

He said one of the sections was the most extensive, spanning roughly 202.73 kilometres.

He said as an international route linking Nigeria to Chad, Niger, and Cameroon, the Kano – Maiduguri Road facilitated cross-border trade.

‘The Dantata and Sawoe Construction Company Nigeria Lld., was awarded the contract for section one of the road, but despite initial work, the project appears to be behind schedule.

‘Worried that the unfinished section between Wudil and Gaya in Kano State is particu
larly dangerous.

‘One lane of the planned dual carriageway is complete, forcing drivers to navigate a single lane in both directions, this significantly increases the risk of accidents,’ he said.

He expressed worry that the unfinished section from Wudil to Gaya in Kano State posed grave danger to commuters.

He said the only one lane completed on a planned two-lane road, forced vehicles traveling in both directions to navigate a single lane.

‘This is a recipe for disaster, and immediate action is required to finish construction and ensure driver safety,’ he said.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria

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