'Shuna' Reaches 34 000 Views in a Week

GAZZA’S freshly released latest music video for his hit ‘Shuna’ has reached 64 657 views on YouTube by the time of going to print.
The video, which was shot and edited in South Africa, was released on 28 February at 22h00 and managed to get 10 000 views in the first 24 hours and is almost half way on its way to reaching 40 000 views in its second week. The ‘Shuna’ hitmaker has set a target to reach 100 000 views in one month and is positive about meeting the target.
A pleased Gazza says that although he hoped the video would be well received, he did not expect it to have so many views in such a short while.
“Of course I did not expect this, the number of views is what we sometimes get over a year and a half and we got it in the first week.”
According to Gazza, the video has also been well received by his Nigerian and South African counterparts who have likened the creativity, quality and finished product to continentally acclaimed artist Davido’s ‘The Sound’.
“To be compared to one of Africa’s greatest artists is really nice and I am happy a Namibian musician can now also be listed and compared to the best on the continent,” Gazza said.
The video is scheduled for possible premiere on Channel O this week.
In the meantime, Gazza’s music is enjoying airtime on South African radio stations such as YFM.
Fans and music lovers can look forward to the next video from Gazza which will be released in about a month. He added that he knows the success of ‘Shuna’ has now put what he considers good pressure on him to only do better with each video.
‘Shuna’ became the first Namibian video to reach 10 000 views in one day. His 2013 video ‘Tufike Apa’ received 139 679 views ever since its release, a number Gazza is determined to beat with his latest music.