Sinoville police station temporarily closed due to Covid-19 related incident

All communities serviced by Sinoville police station are advised that the police station has been temporarily closed for decontamination after one of its members tested positive for Covid-19.
The Community Service Centre will be operating from Detective’s offices in the Sinoville Centre on the first floor.
The community is advised to call 10111 for all emergencies and complaints which needs to be attended by Sinoville police station.
The telephone lines at Sinoville police station Community Service Centre will not be accessible for the duration of closure.
The building will be undergoing decontamination and the community will be informed when the station will be operational again.
The SAPS management apologises for any inconvenience that may arise from this.
Station Commander can be contacted on: 082-492-0491

Duty Officer

Temporary Community Service Centre

Source: South African Police Service

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