South Africa: Airlink plane hit by bird strike, causing propeller to break off, smash through fuselage

VENETIA (Limpopo, South Africa)— Passengers onboard an Airlink private charter flight to Limpopo were left shaken after a large bird struck the aircraft causing a propeller to break off and smash through the plane.

In an accident that happened last week Monday, Airlink said that a large bird struck the aircraft upon landing at Venetia airfield in Limpopo.

“None of the passengers or crew were injured, although the aircraft sustained substantial damage. In compliance with aviation protocols and regulations, the occurrence was reported to the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), which will conduct an investigation,” said Airlink in a statement.

Pictures shared on social media from inside the aircraft showed a destroyed passenger window and splinters of wood strewn across the floor.

Airlink said the aircraft remained at Venetia airfield pending the SACAA’s inspection and a full damage assessment.


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