South Africa: Jordaan Appoints Criminal Pal MTI – DA Launches Investigation

The DA has today launched an investigation into the appointment of convicted criminal, Linda Mti, to Danny Jordaan’s ANC administration. The DA will request Speaker Maria Hermans to immediately publicly disclose the full list of applicants, and their CVs, who were overlooked by the ANC in forcing through the appointment of Mti.

As Mayor Jordaan’s chosen candidate, the appointment of criminal Mti shows Jordaan up as being soft on crime and corruption. From a Mayor currently at the centre of a $10million FIFA bribe scandal, this is a further knock to Jordaan’s crumbling credibility.

Linda Mti’s appointment as head of safety and security in NMB is an outrage given his criminal history and alleged involvement in billion-rand fraud scandals, but unsurprising considering that Mti was Jordaan’s head of security for the 2010 World Cup.

This comes on the back of repetitive failures by Mayor Jordaan to deliver on promises – Jordaan’s deadline to launch the metro police service is a broken promise, the delivery of weekly refuse collection in all wards is another broken promise, the eradication of tens-of-thousands of bucket toilets is a Jordaan broken promise, and a litany of no-shows at important public meetings are further broken promises of Danny Jordaan.

Danny Jordaan’s true ANC colours are starting to shine brightly, following closely in the footsteps of his ally, Jacob Zuma.

The DA investigation demands that Speaker Maria Hermans openly discloses the list of applicants, or must be seen to be protecting Jordaan and his criminal pal, Mti.

The people of Nelson Mandela Bay need to be led by people of integrity, committed to improving service delivery, stopping corruption and creating jobs.

The DA is ready to govern the Bay. By being honest and responsive, a DA-led government in Nelson Mandela Bay will make our Metro safe again, provide opportunity, deliver better services and work tirelessly to redress economic inequality.

Source: Democratic Alliance