Internal Affairs


By Nkululeko Nyembezi

PORT ELIZABETH, SOUTH AFRICA, Emerging small-scale farmers are gradually changing the local economic outlook in South Africa’s rural areas as the co-operatives are creating jobs and boosting local development.

The positive changes emerging farmers have brought about in the rural economy of Cofimvaba in Eastern Cape Province have been lauded by Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana who visited the Ncora irrigation scheme co-operative in Cofimvaba, some 380 kilometres north east of here, this week.

Zokwana said the production of maize and dairy farming by the co-operative would boost the local economy and create more jobs in the province’s rural areas. The emerging small-scale farmers were gradually changing the local economic outlook in the rural areas as the co-operatives were creating jobs and boosting local development, he noted.

Their produce is also marketed locally, provincially and across the country.

Zokwana said he was happy at the progress being achieved at the Ncora Irrigation scheme.

Eastern Cape Province Executive Councillor for Rural Development and Agrarian Reform Mlibo Qhoboshiyane said the scheme was the beginning of the fight against poverty and was a valuable job creator in the province.

“As long as we can re-industrialise our rural communities and ensure that livestock, cropping and all other facets approach are happening here. We are also seeing dairy here and those gallons and litres of milk are coming from here. We are encouraged by our farmers they are really working so hard,” said Qhoboshiyane.

Speaking on behalf of the farmers in the area, Mnyamezli Khubase says they still face a number of challenges, especially on the fencing front. “We need fencing because our cultivars are destroyed by animals so we need fences. We also need people that are well trained in dealing with the projects that we have.”