Suspect arrested for possession of drugs

Steynsburg: Members continuous efforts to prevent and detect the possessions and dealing in drugs yield positive results when a suspect was arrested with drugs.

On Saturday 1 October 2022 members of the JGDOCC (Joe Gqabi District Operational Command Centre) and K9 reported on duty conducting crime prevention duties in Aliwal North and surrounding substations.

As the members were working in Steynsburg, they received information of a male that was known for selling drugs.

The members followed up the information that was positive and the suspect was arrested and 15 full mandrax tablets found in possession of the suspect was confiscated.

The acting District Commissioner Brig Asogran Naidoo commended the members on the combined success.

Criminals must know that they are not welcome with their criminal activities in our small rural towns.

Thank you to the community of Steynsburg for the positive information and not tolerating this criminal behavior. Together we can make a difference in the community.

Source: South African Police Service

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