Suspect arrested for theft from motor vehicle

JOHANNESBURG CENTRAL: Police apprehended a 30-year-old male for theft from motor vehicle at corner Delvers and Marshall Street on 21 of September 2022 at 13:30.

It is alleged that the suspect stole a mirror from a Mercedes Benz vehicle and was arrested by the security guards in the abovementioned streets. Police were contacted and the suspect pointed the place where he sold some of the mirrors particularly of the Mercedes Benz vehicle. Second hand goods shop was visited at corner Delvers and Grahamstown Street where several Mercedes Benz mirrors and badges were recovered. A 28-year-old male suspect was apprehended for buying and selling suspected stolen property. One of the mirrors and cover looks similar to the one that was stolen yesterday at corner Commissioner and Harrison Street.

Investigation is underway and the suspects will appear soon in the Johannesburg Magistrate Court.

Johannesburg Central Station Commander Brigadier Perumal commended the good work done by the police. He elaborated further that this is a breakthrough after several cases were opened where suspects targeted only Mercedes Benz mirrors.

Source: South African Police Service

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