Taxi driver takes children to place of safety

Western Cape: Compassion is not what many taxi drivers are known for but it was quick thinking Mr Mbulelo Mngqenge, a taxi driver who on his way to Cape Town observed two children wandering aimlessly along the N2 freeway. Realising the imminent danger they were facing, he stopped and took them to Mowbray police station. At the police station contact was made with Nyanga police who through local social workers made contact with the family. In a province where the safety of children remains a sore point, one can only commend Mr Ngqenge for diverting from his daily taxi routine to see the 4 and 14 year olds were in safe hands. Police have since reunited the four year old boy with his family meanwhile the 14 year old girl has been taken to Groote Schuur hospital for observation.

Source: South African Police Service

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