Thousands of trees take root during Arbor Month

The City’s Recreation and Parks Department facilitated numerous tree planting events, releasing 2 000 trees from its nursery for planting from April in the lead up to Arbor month.

September is the time of the year when we celebrate the importance of trees and the role they play in our everyday lives.

Trees improve our quality of life by providing oxygen, food, shade and can be cultivated for, amongst others, use in medicine and wood.

This year, the Recreation and Parks Department distributed more than 2 000 trees from the City’s nursery for planting in local communities. Some highlights included:
Tree Planting at Myrtle Road Park, Bishop Lavis

Earmarked for additional future upgrades, Myrtle Park received six Ficus trees to uplift the park aesthetics and create shade for park users. Previously a dumping hotspot, this has since reduced significantly once a fence was erected during the last financial year. The park is popularly used for soccer games, and is a walk-through from abutting residences to a nearby church. Horticultural staff taught children from the community about Arbor Month and how to care for the environment. They helped plant trees and were taught how to look after them.

Tree Planting at Welmoed Cemetery

The entrance of Welmoed Cemetery has had 20 new Searsia pendulina trees added to line the road. This hardy, drought-resistant tree grows fast and gives a generous amount of shade courtesy of its willow-like structure. The new addition was welcomed by the community who treasure the green features in this special place of remembrance. The Penhill Home Owners Rate Payers Association (PHORA) has volunteered to play a vital role in assisting with looking after and protecting the trees in the cemetery which is near the conservation area.
Tree Planting at Parkwood Sports Complex

Eight Ficus natalensis trees were planted at the Parkwood Sports Complex for Arbor Month. This facility was nominated to beautify and uplift the grounds. It is used regularly for various sporting codes such as rugby, soccer, cricket and athletics under a well-functioning MFMC. Learners from Fairmount High School who participate in sport were invited by the MFMC to assist with planting. Through this beautification effort, the team aims to pledge to rise up against ongoing gang violence in the area and teach youth about the importance of trees and arbor month. The trees will grow more than six meters tall, which will provide some much-needed shade during the summer periods where families can come as spectators and enjoy a Saturday match.
‘The benefits of trees are well documented, but it bears repeating, so that we can be reminded of the importance of caring for our trees. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but trees also play a critical role in ensuring a healthy environment. We urge our communities to help protect these assets, particularly the saplings, so that they have sufficient time to take hold. It’s an investment in our future generations, and one that requires little more than the simple act of caring for the trees already in our midst, and ensuring that we regularly plant more,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Patricia Van der Ross.

Source: City Of Cape Town