Two police Sergeants arrested for corruption in Manenberg

WESTERN CAPE – Members from the Anti-Corruption Unit arrested two colleagues following allegations of corruption by a complainant against the Sergeants aged 32 and 35 stationed at Manenberg police station. It is alleged that on 15 June 2019, the members visited the complainant’s home in Athlone and accused him of printing and selling passports. They took him to Manenberg police station and seized his laptop and cellular telephones. At the police station they demanded money to secure his release. The complainant informed them that he only had R5000-00 in cash at home. They took him to his home and returned his laptop and cellphones in return for the R5000-00 he paid.
The matter was reported and investigated by the Anti-Corruption Unit, and after the Athlone Magistrate’s court issued an arrest warrant, the members were arrested yesterday at Manenberg police station and made their court appearances today.

Source: South African Police Service