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Ugandans Are Funny, Anything Bad Becomes a Joke

Alex Muhangi, a comedian a.k.a Chris Brown, talked to Joan Akello about his plans and entertainment
What don’t we know about you?
I’m born again. I stumbled into comedy auditions at Theatre Labonita when I was a Mass Communication student at Makerere University and found Pablo who told us that we only had to tell a story for 10 seconds and make the judges laugh. I always have a joke which is not funny to buy time
How has comedy changed your life?
My day job is being a music producer. I just receive calls for a show, been to several countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Somalia.
What is your idea of perfect happiness?
When you work harder to become happy. Don’t stay at home and watch TV.
Your happiest moment?
When I got a daughter in September 2013; women are precious.
Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
I love my wife every day, and hate this idea of shopping for it. I buy sugar and power that is Valentines. Every day is women’s day. So Valentine is just an addition to celebrate.
But it’s said its man’s world!
No; even if a woman makes more money, you have to pay for everything. Even Miria Matembe just talks, Matembe must be paying for everything.
What is your greatest fear?
Wars. We young people say we want change but I ‘d support anything to stop a war from happening. I saw how people are suffering in war zones or fighting for oil all their life. When there were bomb blasts, it took us three months to hold a show.
What about your shows flopping?
Ugandans support the entertainment industry, last year there was a night that had five shows but they were all full. It’s just that artists let them down.
Any plans for kids who want to be jokers?
We have Africa Laughs where we bring big comedians and two upcoming local comedians and with Salvador, we are starting Are you funny competition this May countrywide and the winner will get Shs 50 million. In the next two years, we shall have the funniest comedians in Africa. Ugandans are funny; anything that is bad becomes a joke and big news
What else are you planning?
My company is bringing Billy Ocean on Apr.2 and John Legend this November..
What is the trait you most deplore in others?
People who are dependent. People under look jobs but it’s from it that you’ll get a bigger one.
What is the most expensive thing you’ve bought?
I did a gig in Nigeria and was paid $15,000 and bought land. Nigerians respect talent unlike here where they pay a musician Shs5 million and a comedian who is the MC Shs500, 000.
What do you most dislike about your appearance?
Nothing; Let the babes suffer with that.
What do you most like in a woman?
Makes an effort to take care of herself, smart to challenge me and has a sense of humour. Beautiful women just put you on pressure for nothing.
What or who is the greatest love of your life?
My wife. Others are Trevor Noah, Enya, Christiano Ronaldo, Manchester United, water and a Mercedes Benz.
Which job do you admire?
A brew master, I’d never buy any alcohol.
What is your greatest achievement?
I’m on the journey to achieving but I have my own studio, have a baby, beautiful wife, and graduated in 2010.
What do you want to achieve?
To become like a media mogul, have a media house signing comedians and be like the president of Black Entertainment Television (BET) with a network.
What is the lowest depth of misery?
Being in a sex tape.
Your view about sex tapes?
The girls are overdoing it thinking that they’ll become popular like Desire Luzinda. When taking those pictures imagine that your parents will see them.
What about the men in those tapes?
They shouldn’t be naked but men’s taste in sex is very limited that is why you find them with prostitutes, maids. But it is a woman who allows.
Who are your favorite writers?
Chinua Achebe.
Which historical figure do you most identify with?
Richard Pryor; he is among those who started standup comedy, Andrew Mwenda is a sharp guy and I used to crack jokes about him. I like his tone; he is alone in his league. He would be a good comedian; you don’t have to hear his jokes but how he says it. He can confuse anyone and that is why he has worked with many presidents.
Who are your heroes in real life?
Uganda Cranes but they’ve let me down.
Which living person do you admire?
Rich people like Patrick Bitature, Oprah with groups or networks.
How would you like to die?
I want to know when, prepare, and then tell everyone.
Who do you find funniest?
Trevor Noah, the South African comedian is very local and also intellectual. I relate with his stories and learn something.
Message to people who don’t laugh or hate comedy?
In Uganda, something will crack you up today whether it’s social media. If you’re not laughing, you have to check your world.