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Vision 2030 through the eyes of a child

Pretoria – The National Planning Commission (NPC) has developed a strategy to promote children’s participation in the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP): Vision 2030.

The NPC on Monday said it will work with civil society and government partners to conduct children’s participation workshops in every province in South Africa, starting this month. The aim of these workshops is to develop a children’s NDP.

The commission said it recognises that children are an important component of society not only because they comprise of 35% of the population, but because they are a source of inspiration, energy and resourcefulness for the country.

They are the present and future potential of our nation and as such, it is important to engage children as critical stakeholders by sharing Vision 2030 and gleaning their insights into the NDP.

The commission started its first children’s consultation at the Franschhoek Sports Centre in the Groendal community on Monday and the programme overlaps to Tuesday. Another consultation will take place at Groot Drakenstein Prison on Wednesday.

These consultations are in partnership with Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (RAPCAN), and The Lords Acre Mission and Youth Empowerment Action.

Tlhompo Shakwane, 17, from the Mbombela Junior Council in Mpumalanga, expressed enthusiasm over the concept.

It is not good enough to only reach the good children. We must also speak to children who find themselves in difficult circumstances such as those in conflict with the law, said Shakwane.

The NDP contains the aspirations of a more equal South African society in 2030, where poverty has been eradicated.

The commission said these dreams are underpinned by the concepts of a social compact based on strong leadership, an effective State and active citizenship.

The second NPC focuses all its work on the core proposals of the NDP, which are the eradication of poverty and reduction of unemployment and inequality.

To undertake this work, the NPC has established three work streams that focus on enhancing the quality of life for the poor, building an inclusive and fairer economy, and promoting ethical leadership and active citizenship while building a capable State.

The approach adopted by the NPC is to challenge all sectors of society including individuals, citizenry, civil society, the private sector and government, to come together to realise Vision 2030. This is done mainly through stakeholder engagements aimed at promoting a social compact and active citizenship, said the NPC.

Source: South African Government News Agency