Visit LG U+ 5G Experience Center in Seoul

BEIJING, Dec. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A news and video report by on the “Visit LG U+ 5G Experience Center in Seoul” in South Korea:

A 5G experience center in Seoul, South Korea, helps visitors try out various applications enabled by the next-generation wireless technology.

Host Laura Zheng: Today we’re going to the LG U+’s 5G experience center in Seoul to check out various 5G applications. Why not follow us as we find out?

Staff at the LG U+ 5G Experience Center: You can experience various U+ 5G services.

Host: At this center, you can experience various U+ 5G services, using the LG V50 dual screen with AR features. We had the opportunity to experience three major app services, Pro Baseball, Golf and Idol Live, which can be used on both the phone and connected TV. There is a section introducing business solutions, which enables customers to enjoy various kinds of kiosk information while watching the screen on the side, as well as on the TV App.

Staff: You can wear this HMD for yourself and then go out with a star, watch Cirque de Soleil which is a famous performance or feel as if you were in a tourist attraction.

Host: We also experienced the VR services enabling us to really become immersed in an entirely virtual world.

Host: What do you think of 5G and how is your experience here?

Visitor: I watched a musical called Cirque du Soleil with a VR device here and it was so immersive I felt the actor was reaching out his hand as if he was right in front of me. I almost took his hand. It was that good. Also, I personally like webtoons. It’s amazing to be able to make webtoons in VR and the webtoons are also very immersive.

Visitor: I have fear of heights and I was really scared. When I looked down, it felt like I was going to fall. I was very scared. It was great to be able to feel as if I had been in the sea or before Heaven Lake of Baekdusan. I think 5G can change the lives of people in this world so much.

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