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Well! The Shade Room has got back to Facebook, but will it be able to cross its own landmark of 4 million followers?

The recent development between Facebook and the Shade Room

Facebook has been in the limelight of mainstream media a lot in the recent times with different kinds of news and this time it is being associated with the Shade Room, which has recently got back to Facebook again and now the time will explain that how much successful that venture will be for both Facebook and the Shade Room, but one thing is so sure that the Shade Room, seems to be well prepared to reveal its strong presence on Facebook, which in the past had made it achieve the landmark of 4 million followers on Facebook, and now it seems to be the great opportunity to go beyond that number as far as the Shade Room is concerned, and if it succeeds in it, so that will be another big news in the tech world and will definitely benefit the Shade Room in various ways.

What is more about it?

The announcement of coming back to Facebook has come up today by the celebrity gossip and news startup the Shade Room with a new moniker and it is yet to see that how much its followers will like that new moniker and it is also yet to see that will that also attract its previous followers or not. The startup has come up with a statement that earlier its page had gotten removed from the Facebook ecosystem without getting a single notice, and that reveals the challenge for new media publishers, which opt for a various platform approach or a Facebook-centric one. Those companies that publish content to Facebook in order to increase the number of their audience or connect with customers happen to be subject to the social network’s policies and policy changes, and if they do not follow the Facebook’s rules, so they come across the fact that their profiles get suspended or removed.

What is the Jamie Bolding’s stance on it

For those who do not know who Jamie Bolding is, so he happens to be the C.E.O of a London based startup called Viral Thread that also experienced a similar fate and he also mentioned that the Viral Thread had increased its followers on its main Facebook page and the number went into the millions, before that London based startup Viral Thread got removed from Facebook. Currently the company is now having many Facebook pages that are full of curated videos and it hopes that will be a meme-worthy and currently its main page has had 132,416 followers. Bolding also stated that he has also witnessed impulsive takedowns of startup brands’ Facebook pages for the last few months and he made it clear more by revealing the fact that those that have cultivated a large audience, but accomplished the coveted blue check that is for common people to identify the authenticity of the brands’ pages. The officials of Facebook representatives have come up with a statement today that they took down the Shade Room’s Facebook page for various copyright violations.