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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Terens Quick’s message on the Anniversary of 28 October 1940

The 28th of October 1940 is a benchmark in our nation’s modern history, on the one hand because of a people’s tenacity in fighting to the very last for the rights of the nation, and on the other because of the absolute unity of the Greek people in a struggle for a world enlightened by the values of classical civilization rather than plunged into the darkness of hatred and totalitarianism.

And this struggle was successful, because the Greeks had and still have strength of spirit, historical memory and belief in what is sacred.

As always, diaspora Hellenism came to the support of the homeland. Greeks enlisted in the allied forces and fought for the ideals of liberty. Patriots returned to the homeland and enlisted as volunteers to fight under the Greek flag, and afterwards they went to the Middle East and fought throughout the Second World War. At the end of the war, they returned to their homelands to live as diaspora Greeks and serve the common cause of global Hellenism.

And today Hellenism around the world, through its organized presence and actions, serves as a catalyst and constitute a firm foundation for shaping an environment of national solidarity and unity.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic