MVA’s Divundu Emergency Centre receives ambulance

WINDHOEK: The Road Fund Administration (RFA) on Tuesday handed over an ambulance to the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund for use by the Divundu Emergency Centre in the Kavango East Region.

Receiving the donation, MVA Fund Chief Executive Officer Rosalia Hausiku said the distance between Kavango East and the Zambezi Region made it difficult for medics to attend to road accidents in time, hence the establishment of the emergency centre at Divundu about a year ago.

The emergency centre was equipped with a response vehicle which allowed medics to get to accident scenes, but it could not transport patients.

‘The new ambulance is expected to eliminate this challenge,’ Hausiku said.

Handing over the donation, RFA CEO Ali Ipinge said it is within the fund’s mandate to bring services closer to people.

‘We took it upon ourselves to partner with the MVA Fund to deliver this ambulance to help our citizens in the regions of Kavango East and Zambezi,’ he said.

The ambulance, which was converted into a 4×4 vehicle, i
s valued at N.dollars 1.3 million.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency